About Us ...


It started back in 1978 when Ink Asia established itself as a trade print supplier. In just three decades, Ink Asia has become one of the top printing companies in the world. Our recent expansion in March 2010 allowed us to open a sales and production office in Australia, and more recently we have further expanded with sales offices in Melbourne and Perth. With this expansion came more opportunities to serve businesses of all sizes across the globe, enabling us to deliver a vast number of solutions that can be adapted to your business. This multiple office concept creates an ultramodern platform for versatility, quality and affordability.

Today Ink Asia is an innovative leader in the printing industry; we pride ourselves on delivering high quality print at an affordable price to all our international customers, which include many well-known publishers and iconic brands.

Ink Asia’s Mission is “Nothing Less than Perfection.”

Why you should choose us: We help our clients grow their bottom line by giving them quality printing at a lower price. As a global leader in the print industry, we take the service of “printing” to another level. We provide exceptional service and leading edge technology all at a competitive price.

Award Winning Quality: We value our clients and quality printing, which is why we have invested in high-tech facilities and experienced staff. We have over 4000 elite staff who will cater for all your printing demands. Our experience and innovation promises to deliver projects on time, every time.

**Competitive Price: Our state of the art production equipment coupled with our experienced staff is the very reason behind why we are able to keep our costs down.

Advanced Technology: Continual investment in innovative technology and operating systems allow Ink Asia to develop market leading advantages for its customers. Our fire power includes 13 web presses, 23 sheet-fed presses and a bindery that makes our competitors envious.

Total Solution: For those customers who need specialised printing, we look after that too! The more complex the job, the more you need Ink Asia to make sure it’s done right. We can tailor a direct print management solution from preparation to delivery. We provide case binding lines, thread sewing, perfect binding and 21 saddle stitching lines for specialised orders.

Environmental Excellence: All our projects conform to international environmental standards. From FSC paper derived from sustainable forestry, soy based inks to recycling and reduction in waste. No matter how big your job, you can rest assured knowing that it will be produced sustainably.

Follow International Standards: Ink Asia strictly adheres to the international standards to ensure high quality printing with reduced environmental impact. You can order with us and know that your print project will be delivered to the highest quality with little to no impact on the environment.

Global Distribution: We also take pride in our extensive freight services, warehousing solutions in Asia and Australia, and fulfilment and distribution services worldwide.

Ink Asia provides these outstanding services globally to a broad range of publishers, businesses and corporations.