At a Glance ...


Ink Asia is an innovative leader in the printing industry; we pride ourselves on delivering high quality print at an affordable price to all our international customers, which include many well-known publishers and iconic brands. We are multi award winners and it shows within our innovation and integrity.

State of the art facilities: We value our clients and quality printing, which is why we have invested in high-tech facilities and experienced staff. With the increasing demands of an ever changing world we are relentless in exploring and adapting new technology within our 3 state of the art production facilities.

Environmentally responsible: With our constant growth, we are still humble at heart and take pride in all we do. The environment is very important to us, therefore all our paper is sourced from harvested plantation forests and other sustainable sources. Our focus is on a greener planet, we want future generations to enjoy this world we live in, and this is why we print all our stock using soy based inks, which is a sustainable alternative to traditional inks.

Advanced solutions: Ink Asia provides comprehensive services including prepress and design support; sales and technical services; warehousing; and fulfilment and distribution. Having multiple locations allows us to provide International service at a competitive rate. Our state of the art facilities are located in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Taipei, with our Australian sales offices based in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Other services provided by Ink Asia include shipping, global distribution, sea freight, airfreight, mailing, warehousing, and fulfilment.