Environmental and Quality Standards ...


Besides providing a world class print service our other focus is on finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here at Ink Asia, we take the environment and our quality standards very seriously. While we print your projects at the highest quality we also meet the needs of Mother Nature. She is important too!

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, Australians consumed 3.26 million tonnes of paper products in 1997-8. With such large paper usage it is our duty of care to ensure that we provide consumers with sustainable printing solutions.

We have been committed to sustainable printing long before it became a talking point. To us sustainable printing is more than just being environmentally aware, it is a smarter way to do business. Here are some of the ways we reduce our carbon footprint:

Print on FSC Paper: Ink Asia buys direct from the mills that only have the FSC stamp of approval (Forest Stewardship Council). This means that every piece of paper we use has been certified to have been sourced from sustainably managed plantations. Purchasing FSC paper helps support sustainability in the forestry industry through encouraging high social, ethical and environmental standards.

Use Soy Based Inks: We use environmentally friendly soy based inks, which contain no petroleum based emulsion. These inks are produced with environmental certification and are also bio-degradable and more economic in the long run.

Recycle: Ninety five precent of our wastage is recycled and we are compliant with EN71, US ASTM F963 regarding the use of raw materials in children’s books. Through our recycling program we contribute towards reducing energy, conserving natural resources, reducing landfill and pollution and making an overall greener impact on the planet.

Follow International Standards: Ink Asia follows the Guidelines of ISO 9000/9001: 2000 certified world standards. By following the guidelines of international standards we promise to bring technological, economic and societal benefits to our customers and the environment. These guidelines are designed to harmonize the technical specifications of products and services, reassuring consumers that products are safe, efficient and good for the environment.

When you are in need of the printing of catalogues, directories, packaging, diaries or corporate manuals, be reassured that Ink Asia has not only got your project in mind, but also Mother Nature as well!